One to one basic tuiton

Chamonix Paragliding

A monitor for a student: no stress, it fits your schedule, building trust and progression are immediate.

Duration of the internship 4 days.

You make six tandems flight with your instructor (more if needed) ground work with video , finishing the course with a great day solo flights.

All solo flights are supervised by two instructors.

Flexible hours ---

Effective and quick learning, no stress.

Application of theoretical time:

- Day 1: 2 tandems in the morning (handle sailing, inflation, driven race, after PM: theoritical lesson
- Day 2: 2 tandems in the morning (handle sailing, inflation, driven race with video, after twelve o’clock debrif video and theoretical courses.
- Day 3: 2 tandems in the morning and finalize the take-off phase with video, after noon, tuning equipment debrif video, theoretical courses
- Day 4: Flights alone (3 if it’s possible) on the site of your learning, after noon, ground work introductions to different techniques of inflations

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- For a 4 day beginner course:
- 300€/Day pour 1 student.
- 260€/Day/person for 2 student.


- The instructor.
- The material.
- the bus lift.

Not included:

- Federal contribution and obligatory insurance.
- gondola Lifts.
- food.

Period and duration

Period or practicality dates of courses planned:

All the year on request, exept november to mid december.

Flight duration or course duration:

- 4 jours

Tryst place


Chamonix Parapente - 11 Avenue du Savoy - 74400 Chamonix

GPS coordinates:

45.925662337090799 / 6.8696308135986301