Paragliding trip to Morocco

Chamonix Paragliding

The southwest coast south of Agadir, Chamonix Paragliding selected village are Mirleft to establish base camp in Morocco.

The hotel Abertih welcome us to make the most of the flying sites in the region and allowed to rest in peace after a day of intensive flight. Most take-offs in the region are located within 45mns drive from the hotel, so we avoid past of long hours on the road to find a flyable site as is often the case when traveling trips.

The scenery is guaranteed home to Morocco is warm and the food at the restaurant of the hotel made Abertih tagine, couscous, salad and seafood will delight.

Course of the week:
- Saturday: France flight /Maroc.Agadir, and possibly moving to Mirleft flight in the afternoon.
- From Sunday to Friday flights on various sites in the region: Aglou Nigel’s place, Legzira and many more ...
- Saturday: return to France.

Hotel Abertih Mirleft.
- Double or single room with optional extra.
- Free wifi.
- Half board restaurant.

- Passport valid.
- Insurance: Liability Air compulsory repatriation insurance.

The school does not provided the material for flight travel

Nb : the more you take your flight ticket at the advance will be less expensive; From Lyon: Transavia flight to Agadir.

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- please contact us.


- Shuttle between Chamonix and Lyon.
- Two patented state paragliding instructors.
- Local travel.
- Accommodation on half board.

Not included:

- Airfare.
- Lunches .
- Extras.

Period and duration

Period or practicality dates of courses planned:

- Cancelled due to Covid.

Flight duration or course duration:

- 8 days.

Tryst place

Chamonix Paragliding - 11 avenue du Savoy - 74400 Chamonix Mont-Blanc
GPS coordinates:
45.925662337090799 / 6.8696308135986301